Intelligent infrastructures, cloud computing and public security pose major challenges for the IT security of the future. In addition to the classic protection of the periphery, threats must be dealt with from within. It is no longer enough to consider the security of subsystems. Interdisciplinary methods are required. The Competence Centre for Applied Security Technology (KASTEL) combines the expertise of various sub-disciplines of IT security and users.


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Technological progress ensures that cryptographic procedures that were once proven to be secure can be cracked in a comparatively short time. However, medical devices are being built in order to be able to use them in the long term.

Within the framework of the BMBF-funded project PQC4MED, procedures are being developed with which cryptographic procedures can be exchanged in a modular fashion. If processors become more efficient, procedures can be used that are harder to crack. If quantum computers become sufficiently practical, even a cryptographic method based on problems such as discrete logarithm or factorization will be replaced by one based on assumptions that are safe from quantum computers.

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By networking and automating vehicles, new functions are gradually being opened up. However, this networking for too new threats to the safety of these systems. As a sub-project of the Mobility Systems profile region, these threats to networked driving functions are being investigated and a methodology is being developed with which safety can be evaluated and improved when developing new driving functions.